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Keeping women healthy for generations to come

Keeping women healthy for generations
to come

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

The complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most commonly ordered blood tests.

A major portion of the complete blood count is the measure of the concentration of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in the blood. These tests tell your physician whether or not you have anemia, infections, or certain other problems with your blood.

Why It’s Important: Infections in pregnant women need to be identified because of the potential effects on both mother and fetus. Women who are anemic (low iron) need to be identified so that iron therapy can be instituted. Because on average, a woman will lose half a liter of blood at delivery, a low platelet count (inability to clot) needs to be identified and treated during pregnancy. This is because any excessive bleeding during the delivery in a woman with clotting problems can be dangerous and can even lead to death.

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