Family centered womens care, For your busy lifestyle

Family centered womens care, For your busy lifestyle

Patient Info:

Information about our office hours, appointments, insurance, and mammography

Office Hours

We see all patients by appointment and will see acute and emergency problems as quickly as possible. Appointments may be requested in person or by telephone, or online via our website. Our office is open Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Because the most common complaint that patients have about their doctors’ offices is wait time, we make a concerted effort to respect our patients’ time, and keep our schedules running on time. Our on-call physician keeps a light schedule to accommodate work-in problems, emergencies, and deliveries. This frees the other providers to see their routine appointments without excessively long wait times. We may, however, occasionally run late due to unexpected complications. If you are asked to wait, and need to reschedule, we will accommodate your wishes.


Paperwork/Electronic Medical History

It is important that our physicians and nurse practitioners have a complete picture of your health status, including an updated medical history on an annual basis. Your treatment may need to be modified based on changes in your health history.

As part of our effort to ensure that our appointments run on time without long waits for our patients, we provide each new patient with access to our electronic medical record system, Patient Portal, by either mailing or emailing you a username and password to the secure site prior to your appointment.

In order to ensure that your billing and insurance information is accurate, we also have a few handwritten forms that must be completed annually. At your request, we will mail these forms to you. We request your cooperation in ensuring that these forms and your electronic medical history be completed prior to your arrival. Because it entails a complete medical history, the process can be time-consuming, and may result in your missing your scheduled appointment time if not completed beforehand. Note that if you are more than 15 minutes late, we may have to reschedule you in order to avoid an upset to the provider’s schedule and increased wait times for other patients.

PLEASE DO NOT MAIL THESE FORMS BACK TO US. Postal delays or lost mail may result in our not receiving your forms.



We see all patients by appointment and will see acute and emergency problems as quickly as possible. Appointments may be requested in person or by telephone, or online via our website. Our online appointment request form is designed to meet our patient’s needs for convenience. On weekdays, we will make every effort to respond to your online appointment request the same day or next business morning, and will respond to weekend and holiday requests when the office reopens. If you have an urgent question or problem, or need immediate assistance, please call our office.

If you have previous pertinent medical records, and your referring physician is not sending us a copy of your records, we request that you drop any records off at our office before your scheduled appointment, so that the physician has an opportunity to review them. You may also ask your referring physician to fax us your records at 722-7404.



As a courtesy, we file all insurance claims for our patients for insurance companies with which we participate. We accept and file most major insurances, please call our office and we will be happy to check on your benefits.

We are currently participating with Tricare Select and will happily see Tricare Prime patients with a referral from their PCM. In addition, we are only accepting a limited number of Medicaid and Medicare patients. Please call our office with any insurance inquiries. We will be happy to assist you and answer any insurance-related questions. The phone number to our billing office is 722-6474.



As an added convenience, our office now has the ability to schedule your appointment for your mammogram at our imaging center at the same time that we schedule your annual examination at our office. When making an appointment for your yearly, please inquire about a mammogram appointment. You will need to bring your previous films if your last mammogram was not done at our facility. Please view our imaging center’s website for further information.

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Office Hours

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