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Keeping women healthy for generations to come

Keeping women healthy for generations
to come

Routine Obstetrical Treatment Schedule

Visit schedule:

First OB visit:
Full history and examination including pelvic exam.

8 – 26 weeks:
Routinely one visit every 4 weeks tummy check.

27 – 36 weeks:
Routinely one visit every 2 weeks tummy check.

36 weeks until delivery:
Routinely one visit every week and possibly a pelvic exam.

Diagnostic testing schedule:

First visit:
Pre-natal blood work (drawn from arm), Urine testing, Pap smear (if needed), Gonorrhea and Chlamydia screening, scheduling of ultrasound for confirmation of pregnancy and pregnancy dating, if not already performed.

11-13 weeks:
First Trimester Screening (“Early Screen”) – (optional for low-risk women)- combination of specific ultrasound measurements and blood taken from fingertip.

16 weeks:
AFP/TETRA (“QUAD screen”)- (optional for low risk women) and Cystic Fibrosis screening (optional for all women) – both are blood tests drawn from the arm.

20 weeks:
Routine Ultrasound for fetal anatomy, and if desired, gender.

24 – 28 weeks:
Glucose Tolerance Test (blood drawn from arm one hour after glucose drink) If you are Rh negative your glucose test must be performed in your 28th week, at which time you will receive a RhoGAM injection.

36 weeks:
Group B Streptococcus (“GBS”) vaginal culture

The above schedule is for a routine pregnancy. If you develop any problems this schedule may not apply. Please be aware it is up to the physician to provide the appropriate care for your specific needs.

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